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Coleman Oil Biodiesel Spill Feasibility Study and Interim Action Work Plan

The Washington State Department of Ecology is providing an opportunity for the public to comment on a Feasibility Study and an Interim Action Work Plan for the Coleman Oil Biodiesel Spill site, located at 3 East Chehalis Street in Wenatchee.

Ecology is asking for your comments on the following:

Focused Feasibility Study – V4, Coleman Oil Company, Wenatchee, Washington,” dated July 5, 2023

Interim Action Addendum #4 Work Plan – Remedial Excavation New MW14,” dated August 4, 2023

The site, which began operating as a bulk fuel facility in 1921, has changed ownership and the size and configuration over the years, has been owned by Coleman Oil Company since 2007. In March 2017, an oil sheen was observed on the Columbia River and was investigated for the source. It was determined to be from leaking underground piping at the site. Containing the contamination with floating barriers, removing contaminated soil, and installing recovery wells to pump out petroleum before it reached the river was the highest priority.

Petroleum contains many chemicals that are harmful to human health and the environment. The proposed Interim Action Work Plan will remove petroleum in the soil to help reduce groundwater concentrations of petroleum and associated chemicals and will occur under the existing Agreed Order. An Agreed Order is a legal agreement between Ecology and the Potentially Liable Persons (PLPs) outlining the expectations, process, and schedule for site cleanup. An Interim Action is a partial or short-term cleanup of contamination while a long-term plan is worked on. A Feasibility Study outlines options to clean up contamination.

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