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Welcome to our training survey. Please answer the questions as best you can. This information will help us with program development.

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Question 1 of 6
How did you hear about this survey?
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  • Ecology webpage
  • Ecology listserv
  • Ecology newsletter
  • Other (please specify)


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Please check all that apply: I am a....
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  • Resident of Washington state
  • Ecology permit holder
  • Business owner


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Please let us know what you think about our new permit site! Feel free to upload your comments using the button below.
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Question 4 of 6
Please indicate on the scale below how likely you are to use our new online permit feature.


Question 5 of 6
Please select any special features your permit allows.


Question 6 of 6
Rank the following from least to most important.
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    Reapplying for my permit online.

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    Getting a permit as soon as possible.

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    Appealing permit decisions.

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    Including my permit in sale agreements.

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    Using a permit app.

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